jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Assignment #3: Post-Modernist Literature

Compare and Contrast the 2 Post-Modern Works with 2 of the other 4 Works you have read.

books: The Atrocity Exhibition by Ballard, J.G and The Russia House by Le Carrè J.

The Murders in the Rue Morgue: Edgard Allan Poe based his work into elemnts related to the detective fiction genre. All descriptions of situations, places or people in this work are characteristics of that time. Moreover this story have a logical order about the murders events.
In fact this work show the reality of that time for that it is a clear example of victorian era.
The Atrocity Exhibiiton: This work show how the mass media to take part on the mind of a doctor which needs to investigate about events of the deaths in the world using the mass media like his principal tools to get it.
The Quiet American: Is a novel involved in a time of war. the main topic in this work are the elements related to spies into the world war. The story try to show the innocence and idealism that people in that time had. The most important is this novel had a lot of influences and for that it get to become into films.
The Russia House: This work also got to become into a film and also it show elements related spies into the british secret intelligence service. This work shows a main politic topic related to patriotism and courage of a new world order.

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